7 essential matched betting calculators and tools (and where to find them)

There are a large range of different matched betting calculators and tools available online.

These are essential when matched betting as they not only do all the calculations and hard work for you but also save you a lot of time.

As we all know time is money and the more matched bets you can place the more money you can make.

Talking about money, matched betting tools will also increase your profit as you will they can help you find the best matched betting opportunities for the specific offer you are working on.

Paid vs. free tools

I always get this question. Is it really necessary to sign up to a membership site to get access to the matched betting tools?

The short answer is yes. It is in my opinion definitely worth signing up to a paid subscription.

You can of course do matched betting without using a paid service, but the disadvantages completely outweigh the benefits i.e. saving the monthly fee.

Here are some of the main reasons to use a paid membership service.

Time spend searching for offer

Consider how much time you will have to spend on searching for offers.

Sure, if you have only a couple of bookmaker account it doesn’t take long but if you are serious about making money with matched betting, you will have 30-40 or maybe 60 different bookmaker accounts. Going through each one is extremely cumbersome and if you don’t do it every day you may miss out on a good offer.

A good subscription site will find the offers for you, so you spend less time looking for offers and spend more time on placing bets and increasing your profit.

matched betting calculators

Offer guides

Unsure what the vague terms and conditions mean?

Yeah me too.

On payment site someone will have already tried and tested the offer and made the potential costly mistakes for you.

As a result, you will find a precise guide that tells you exactly how to approach the offer and warn you of potential issues.

Offer specific calculators

It is easy to find a free matched betting calculator online.

However, with a paid service you get a range of offers specific calculators.

How will you calculate a “bet €10 and get 10€ if you bet loses” offer on a regular matched betting calculator?

It is not possible. Hence, you will miss out on a lot of great offer because you simply don’t have the correct tools.

Learn from the experts

99% of experienced matched bettors use a paid service.

For you that means you will tons of useful hints and tips in the forum and also very qualified help in case you get stuck or have a question.

My top 7 matched betting calculators and tools

  1. Oddsmatcher
  2. Matched betting calculator
  3. Specialised matched betting calculators
  4. Overview of bookmaker offers and bonuses
  5. Matched betting forum
  6. Dutch matcher
  7. Profit tracker

1 – Oddsmatcher

This is without doubt the most important tool for any matched bettor.

This tool alone is worth any subscription fee.

The Oddsmatcher will save you hours of searching for the best matched betting opportunities and increase your profit.

Basically, it compares odds from bookmakers and betting exchanges and calculate your ideal lay. More advanced Oddsmatchers will also allow you to calculate over and underlaying.

The alternative is that you manually have to compare odds from numerous events to find the best match. By always betting on the best match you increase your profit.

matched betting calculators

2 – Matched betting calculator

You can find free standard matched betting calculators all over the net.

They all have pretty much the same functions and layout as the ones from the subscription sites.

Just make sure you use one with advanced features such as over- and underlaying.

matched betting calculators

3 – Specialised matched betting calculators

On free sites you can often find the standard matched betting calculator.

However, where the paid services excel is by giving you access to a number of offer specific calculators.

These are created with specific offer in mind and cannot be calculated with the standard matched betting calculator.

This innovative approach guarantee that you can earn money from a large variety of offers and thus increase your monthly profit.

4 – Overview of bookmaker offers and bonusses

Unless you want to spend hours searching for offers then you need a site that does all the hard work for you.

Some sites post offers in the forum and other have offer calendars. Regardless of the approach you will save hours and not miss out on great offers.

5 – Matched betting forum

A forum can be a gold mine of good advice and tips.

There are plenty of free fora but one issue is that these can be infected with bad advice. As they are free to use, all sorts of people can sign up and crease posts. Not all have noble intentions. If the forum is poorly monitored these malicious posts or users are not removed.

You avoid this on subscription sites as these are normally well monitored and the fee discourage bad elements from signing up.

6 – Dutch matcher

A Dutch matcher is in many ways similar to the Oddsmatcher.

The main difference is that instead of comparing odds between bookmakers and betting exchanges, it compares odds between different bookmakers.

This is a great tool if you are gubbed.

matched betting calculators

7 – Profit tracker

The last essential tool is a profit tracker.

How you track your profit is irrelevant. A simple Excel spread sheet will do. Some sites have very advanced profit tracker tools, which can be great if you really want to dig into the details.

Where to find everything I need?

There are two matched betting services I will recommend as I have used both of them myself.

If you are based in Germany, I fully recommend www.Doppelwetten.com.

This is a Germany focused website with excellent guides, matched betting calculators and tools (including an Oddsmatcher) and a helpful forum.

If you are based in the UK I recommend www.oddsmonkey.com.

This UK focused site

Not based in Germany or UK?

No problem. You can still use both services as the guides, fora, calculators and other tools alone will pay for the monthly fee multiple times.

The downside is of course that you will have to find the offers yourself. But international bookmakers have similar offers and bonuses on their various country specific sites.