Betting strategies

How to use gambling systems

Ever since gambling began, there have been people who have strived to find the perfect gambling system.  A system that puts the odds so much in the gambler’s favour that riches are almost certainly guaranteed. In all these thousands of years, has anyone ever really found a gambling system that works?

In this section you will find numerous different betting and gambling systems. Each system will be explained in detail along with some pros and cons. Your task is to find a system that is right for you.

A successful betting system – VIP rewards

Ok, admittedly this may not be considered a betting system in itself. However, almost all online bookmakers and casinos offer some sort of incentive to attract new players to sign up with them. These incentives can either be in form of free bets or sign up bonuses. But wait, it gets better! The vast majority of online bookmakers also give away bonusses and free bets to existing customers.

These bookmaker offers can dramatically increase your chances of long-term profit and should be seriously considered when formulating your gambling strategy. Likewise, many bookmakers offer some kind of loyalty programme and reward players based on the amount of money wagered ach month. Getting into one of these VIP or loyalty programmes can result in a serious increase in the value of free bets offered by bookmakers. Rather than getting a €10 or €20 free bet, you could now get offered free bets worth €100.  With the winnings from these free bets it is easier to wager the required monthly amount to stay in the VIP programme and keep receiving the rewards.

Stay updated

Ensure to keep yourself updated on the reward or loyalty programmes of your favourite bookmakers. Also try and keep a record of how much your wager per month. Rather than writing everything down you can just go through you betting history at the bookmaker site. Although you may only have started with a bankroll of €100, and you may win a bit here, and you may lose a bit there throughout the month, our total stake could amount to several thousand Euros and this is the number used to calculate your loyalty bonus. I strongly suggest regular players take advantage of these programmes.

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