Matched betting Germany

Matched betting is hugely popular in the UK with hundreds of thousands of people earning a regular monthly income but still very much an unknown source of income in Germany.

The risk-free betting technique is slowly becoming more popular outside the UK including in Germany.

But is matched betting even possible in Germany?

This article will give you the answer. 

Is matched betting possible in Germany?

Matched betting is definitely possible in Germany.

There is absolutely no reason to not do matched betting from Germany.

Do we have enough bookmakers in Germany?


From Germany you can access over 60 different bookmakers.

Combined, the 60 bookmakers, have sign up offers worth over €6.000.

Not a bad start and once you have done the sign up offers you can continue earning money with the free bets and bonuses that are available to existing customers. 

Matched betting Germany

What about betting exchanges in Germany?

Both Betfair and Matchbook used to be available in Germany.

However, while Betfair have withdrawn from the German market, Matchbook keep changing its mind. At the time of writing it is not possible for new customers to create a Matchbook account. However, existing customers can continue using the service.

What do I do if I don’t already have a Matchbook account?

Luckily there are still plenty of options to get access to a betting exchange from Germany.

By using betting brokers you can get access to Matchbook, Betdaq or a number of Betfair clones.

The Betfair clones have the same odds and liability as the Betfair betting exchange.

Matched betting and the bet tax

The 5% betting tax is annoying but something you can’t avoid.

Most bookmakers subtract this tax as soon as you place a bet.

However, matched betting is still very profitable.

Just make sure you can factor in the betting tax when doing your calculations.

It is an advantage to use a paid service that is focused on Germany as all the tools and calculators should factor in the tax, so you don’t have to.

Non-German site on the other hand will most likely not factor in the tax and your calculations will therefore not be 100% accurate.

Is matched betting legal in Germany?

There is nothing illegal about matched betting.

Rather than placing 1 bet you place 2.

Of course, the bookmakers don’t like it because they lose money but that doesn’t make it illegal or wrong.

Bookmakers don’t like any punter that make money, regardless of them matched betting or not.