Online betting safety

Many people are concerned about safety and security when handling money online, and this is especially the case with online gambling. This is an understanding concern to have but the reality is that any successful online business must protect its reputation and guard its integrity, or it will be out of business very quickly. This is even more true for online gambling sites.

Before signing up to any bookmaker you should do a bit of research and as part of this you should check the legitimacy of any online business you are thinking of dealing with. Here at Wettenbonusse we offer a large range of reviews of online bookmakers and we recommend that you read these prior to signing up to any bookmaker. We pride ourselves on our objective reviews and further aim to keep our list of sign up offers as updated as possible. Ensure you keep up to date with this list, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions before signing up with a specific bookmaker.

Once you decide who to go for, it is recommended to gradually build up your bankroll with that specific bookmaker by depositing smaller amounts of money. That will give you a chance to see how the system works, and to see how the online gambling site you have chosen treats its customers.

Be a smart customer

Despite the common worries about online safety, far too many people are extremely casual when it comes to making payments on online betting sites. It seems that they believe that if a website looks respectable then it must be ok.

Although the vast majority of online bookmakers are reputable companies, as with many other industries, there is also a small number of scam artists around.

So how does one ensure safety? Being smart is the first line of defence. Go with your gut feeling and if it feels wrong then choose another bookmaker. There are plenty around.

Also, here are 4 common-sense ground rules to follow

Firstly, check the deposit methods and amounts. Any reputable bookmaker will offer a wide variety of depositing methods. Stay away from places that force you to deposit large amounts of money. A good bookmaker is happy to take very small deposits—perhaps as little as €5.

Secondly, have a look at what type of customer service they offer. As a minimum they should offer a service via email, but I would recommend going for one with a live chat as this is usually the most effective method of getting in touch with the support team. If you cannot find any contact information, then find another bookmaker.

Thirdly, check if you are able to change the language on the website. Most bookmakers will have an English website but many bookmakers that cater for the German market will also have a German language version of their site. Also, many will have customer support in German. It is not necessarily a red flag if they do not use German. But then again, it doesn’t give any bonus points when considering the overall impression of the site.

Lastly, although Wettenbonusse offer a large number of reviews it is always a good idea to check other sources, too. Just google the name of the bookmaker and see what information comes up. 

If you follow these steps, you will greatly eliminate your chances of being ripped off by a rogue bookmaker. Don’t assume that being ripped off only happens to “other people”. It happens every day, and it can happen to you if you are not careful when selecting a new online bookie. However, don’t let fear keep you from playing. Online bookmakers provide an unmatched convenience and unlike bookmaker shops and land-based casinos, online bookmakers will give you money for simply signing up.