Chapter 2 – What kind of bettor are you?

It is much easier to have fun while betting on sports than it is to make money with betting. The clear majority of people betting on sports prioritise the fun and excitement aspects rather than focusing on making profit. Sure, they would like to win a bit of money and of course their bets will win at times. This type of sports bettor is often referred to as “recreational bettors”. For the recreational bettor it is more important what they bet on, than if they make long term profit. By this we mean that if there is a big game on TV tonight, they will bet on that game no matter if this game presented the best value. The recreational bettor simply likes to put their knowledge to the test and increase the excitement by betting on a game while watching it.

Part 1 – Betting for fun and profit

The majority of sports bettors are recreational bettors who mainly bet as a form of entertainment. Then we have a smaller group of semi-professional or professional gamblers, who are mainly focused on making long term profit.

“Can’t I have fun and make a profit?” The two are not mutually exclusive and it is, of course, possible to have fun while making a profit.

Why does it matter?

“Why does it matter what kind of sports bettor I am?” You can argue that in the big scheme of things it doesn’t matter whether you are a recreational or professional bettor. What matters is that you focus on your goal or the reason why you bet. If your goal is to have fun, then you need to make sure that happens. If, on the other hand, your goal is to earn money from sports betting then your whole approach needs to reflect that.

Some recreational bettors do make profit, maybe even without knowing it as they don’t tend to keep a long-term profit/loss tracker. However, most of them are very capable of making money from betting, even if that is not the main focus. They typically have more than enough knowledge about sports but lack the tools to funnel that knowledge and more importantly, are not interested in learning about it either.   

Besides those betting purely for fun, we have the serious bettors whose only reason to bet is to make money. There are numerous either fulltime or part-time bettors all over the world. Many earn a nice income or supplement to their normal income and some are extremely successful. There are of course also the ones that do not earn any money but still keep trying.

The purpose of this article is to make you aware of the two main types of bettors and consider which category you belong to. Below are a couple of questions you should ask yourself before starting to bet either as a recreational or professional.

When betting for fun

If betting for fun seems like the best approach for you, then ask yourself these questions before you start betting.

  • Are you ok with losing money?
  • Will you be able to gamble responsibly?

Did you answer yes to both questions? If so, then there should be nothing stopping you from placing your first bet and having a good time while doing so. If you answer no to one or both of the questions, then betting may not be for you. Yes, you understood me correctly. The best may be to not bet at all, not recreationally nor for profit.

When betting for profit

If your main reason for betting is to earn money, everything you do needs to reflect that. Your process of choosing what game to bet on must be different from a recreational bettor’s. Just because a game is shown on TV doesn’t mean that it represents value. 

If betting for profit seems like the best approach for you, then ask yourself these questions before you start betting.

  • Do I have enough time to commit to betting, e.g. to do research?
  • Am I willing to patiently learn the skills and knowledge required?

Did you answer yes to both questions? If so, that is a very good starting point. Betting for profit should be considered a job and for most jobs you need to learn what you have to do and practice. You should take things slowly, be open to new input and ask questions when they pop up.

If you answered no to one or both of these questions then maybe you should consider starting as a recreational bettor and focus on the fun part of sports betting. You can always change your approach and start taking things more seriously at a later stage.

There is much more to becoming a professional sports bettor then we can cover in this introductory article. Look for further articles on becoming a professional sports bettor here on

Part 2 – Best sports to bet on (incl. top 3 list)

Every sports bettor has at some point asked themselves the following two questions:

  • Which sport should I bet on?
  • How many different sports should I bet on?

If you are a sports fan first and a punter second then the answer is normally quite easy. Say you are a football fan, then you will most likely want to bet on football.

This is often also the correct decision as they already know the game, teams and rules, which makes it a lot easier to get started. All of which will make it more likely to win.

But what if you follow many different sports or if you don’t want to limit yourself to one sport?

What is the right approach for these punters?

This article will list 3 sports that are all great to bet on but the matter of fact is that there is not right or wrong answer.

Below I will give you some hints on what to consider when choosing a sport and also give you some advantages and disadvantages if you choose only one sports.

Lastly, I will list what I personally believe are the top 3 sports to bet on.

What to consider when choosing a sport?

Here are some of the things you might want to consider when making your choice.

Betting opportunities

Are there enough opportunities for you to bet?

It can be an advantage to pick a sport with regular events to bet on.

However, the advantage is not what most people think. Most people wrongly believe it is so they can place more bets.

It is an advantage to pick a sport with many events but the reason is that it gives you choice. Choice is very important as you can then be more selective and only place quality bets.

Tennis is a good example. You can bet on tennis almost every day of the year, which increases your chance of finding the best betting opportunities.

Quality always beats quantity.

Live coverage

It is also worth choosing a sport where you can watch the games.

Why is this important?

Reading match reports, statistics and other information online, it still doesn’t beat watching a game yourself and thereby form your own opinion about a specific team or player.

Information is key when searching for value in your next bet.

Access to information

How easy is it to find information about the sport you want to bet on?

These days match reports, injury overviews, expert opinions, statistics are just one click away.

With easy access to information you increase your chance of making the right decision when you place your next bet.

The down side is that the bookmakers have access to the same information and will set their odds accordingly.

A variety of betting markets

Most bookmakers offer an incredible range of different markets for the most popular sports and new markets and bet types seem to appear almost every week.

This is a great opportunity for the savvy punter as it, like with the betting opportunities, gives you choice.

However, make sure you fully understand the rules of every bet type you bet on.

For example, I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people misunderstand the bet type “Team A to win both halves”. For your bet to win, the team you bet on has to win the first half AND second half. Hence, if you bet on Team A and they lead 1-0 at half-time and also win the game 1-0 your bet will lose. Why? Because the second half ended 0-0 and your team didn’t win both halves.

I can’t stress enough how important it is that you understand what it is you bet on.

Betting on one sport vs. several sports

Is it better to focus on one sport rather than several sports?

Some pros and cons are listed below.

One thing you have to consider is how much time you can dedicate to keeping up to date on information and looking for value.

For a professional sports bettor time is normally not the main deciding factor but most people do not have 8 hours a day to watch sports and search the internet for information.

Another consideration is what your aim is with sports betting. If you are betting for profit, then specialising in on sport or league is the way to go.

However, if you bet for fun then it may be better to bet on events that have live coverage to increase the excitement when watching. You can then choose to bet on different sports when major tournaments or games take place.

Bet on one sport because:

  • You can be very specialised and become an expert within that sport
  • You spend less time finding value compared to spreading yourself thin over several sports
  • Better for smaller budgets where you don’t spread your bankroll over several bets
  • You can bet more aggressively when you find a good value bet
  • Best for beginners

Don’t bet on one sport because

  • You will have fewer betting opportunities
  • There may be longer periods where there are no events to bet on
  • You want to bet on large events that are televised

Top 3 sports to bet on

Here is my personal top 3 of sports to bet on.

  1. Football
  2. Tennis
  3. Basketball


As a big football fan this was always going to be number 1.

Football ticks all the boxes as there are games available almost every day of the year.

Also, you can choose either bet on the big leagues where there is easy access to information or specialise in a smaller league and outsmart the bookmakers that way.

The amount of football shown on tv or available online is staggering and there are not enough hours in a day if you want to watch it all.

An added advantage is big games and tournaments, where bookmakers usually are very generous with promotions such as free bets and bonuses. Here I am thinking of the Champions League final and European Championship and World Cup.


Tennis is another great sport to bet on.

Both men and women play at a very high-level offer plenty of betting opportunities.

You will be able to find tennis games to bet on through out the year and with 4 Grand Slam (Wimbledon, Australia Open, US Open and French Open) tournaments year, there are no shortage of promotions from the bookmakers.


I was actually struggling to choose between basketball and baseball.

As you can see form the headline I chose basketball in the end. One reason why I chose basketball over baseball is the weather risk can play a big and annoying factor in baseball. If it starts raining the game will be delayed or cancelled, which is hugely frustrating when you have an open bet.

Basketball on the other hand does not have this risk, so basketball is my third choice on this list.

Part 3 – Betting on football

This section is only for people who are new to football. If you already feel you know the rules of the game then feel free to skip to the next guide.

Football, soccer, futbol, Fussball, different names but the same beautiful game. Football betting is very popular in many parts of the world. In fact, the only place that it’s not is the US although its popularity over the pond is slowly increasing. The game of football can rightly be claimed as the most popular sport in the world. As with any other game, it’s important to know the game before you put down your cash. Thanks to the Internet keeping up with team news and getting information about foreign and domestic leagues is super easy.

If you are brand new to football betting, you are in for a treat—and possibly a headache. One thing that’s both good and bad is the number of leagues around the world. It’s good because there is plenty of football action to bet on, but it can be overwhelming at the same time. It’s recommended that you start by focusing on the football league(s) in your region or a region that interests you. This will allow you to become an expert in that area and you will increase your chances to win. Once you get the hang of it, you can expand your horizon to other leagues if you want.

To win money and to win consistently you will need to know how a football game works—at least to some degree. The more you know about the game and the more you understand the flow, the better off you will be. This task can be accomplished quickly by looking for sites online that offer a general introduction to this sport. While you are searching around, look for pages on some of the teams you might be betting on. Specifically, look for any information on their playing style and anything about their scoring and defence.

The main question is about money. Can you make real money betting on football? The quick answer is yes. Football presents some great opportunities for the informed sports bettor. When you place a bet on a football match, you normally bet on the winner of the match. You can also bet on the match ending in a draw, which happens semi-frequently but is much harder to predict. Betting on the draw usually results in a nice payoff if it comes in. Many draws will be odds 3,50 or higher.

Want to bet on a fun game with lots of goals rather than picking a winner? That is also possible. Most bookmakers offer markets where you can be on the total amount of goals. Place your bet, sit back and keep your fingers crossed for an entertaining game with plenty of goals.

The odds in football matches are usually pretty interesting. Many matches will not have a clear favourite and the odds for either team to win can be quite close. No matter who you choose, you are likely to get value for your money. Even if you are not experienced with football betting or football in general, it can sometimes be easy to spot the big favourite. Teams that are overwhelmingly dominant in a match might be as low as odds 1,10 favourites. Obviously, there’s little value here and smart sports bettors should stay away from such matches.

Overall, football betting is definitely something sports bettors should look into. The game gives sports bettors great value for their money and there is plenty of action to go around with numerous games in many leagues from all over the globe. If you have not tried betting on football yet, give it a try. You just might find your new passion and, equally important, your new money-maker.



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