Chapter 5 – Bookmaker offers and bonuses

Part 1 – The bookmaker’s terms and conditions

Whenever you receive any kind of bonus offer from a bookmaker, it is very important that you read and understand the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs).

Yes, reading a legal text like the Terms and Conditions is very boring but it can save you from losing money. If you do not understand the text or a word, then you can either look it up on Google or ask the bookmakers customer service. Most bookmakers have a live chat service, so it is quite easy to get a quick answer.

Never accept a sign-up offer before you know the Terms and Conditions.

Bookmaker sign up offers

Many bookmakers have sign up offers. These are a fantastic way to boost your bankroll and you should definitely take these offers. In Germany many bookmakers offer a 100% sign up bonus, which means that when you make a deposit of €100 you will get another €100, so in total you will have €200 in your bookmaker account. The specific offers vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, but most have a variation of the offer just mentioned.

What’s the catch?

What is the catch with the sign-up bonus offers? Well the catch is that nothing comes for free. You cannot just withdraw your money once you receive your bonus. All bonuses will have a wagering requirement before you can withdraw your money.

A wagering requirement means that you must place bets until you reach the requirement set by the bookie.

Here is an example. Let’s say a bookmaker will give you a 100% bonus up to €10. The wagering requirement is 3 times the value of the deposit and the bonus. This may sound more complicated than it is, but you will often see similar wording, so it is important to understand it.

  1. To get the €10 bonus you must deposit €10
  2. You will now have €20 in your bookmaker account
  3. Before you can withdraw your cash, you have to wager 3 X deposit (3 X 10 = 30) and 3 X bonus (3 X 10 = 30).
  4. In total you have to wager €60
  5. Let’s say your first bet is €10 on Germany to win
  6. You have now wagered €10 and need to wager another €50
  7. Keep betting until you have reach the wagering target
  8. Once you have placed €60 worth of bets you are free to withdraw the money or continue betting.

Part 2 – How can I bet €60 when I only have €20 in my account?

If you have €20 in your account, you can of course not wager €60 in one go. You can complete the wagering requirement over several bets. Let’s say your first bet is Germany to win at odds 2,00. If Germany win, you will now have €40 in your account (€20 X 2,00 = €40) and you will have wagered through €20 of the €60. Hence, you now have €40 left to wager. You will then continue until you have completed the wagering requirement or your account is empty. If you lose the money, then you cannot complete the wagering requirement and it is delete from your account. When you don’t have any money left you of course not wager anymore. You will not have to continue the wagering requirement if you make another deposit.

Part 3 – Seek answers to essential questions

Make sure you know the answer to these questions before you start with an offer. 

How much must I deposit to get the full bonus?

If it is a 100% deposit bonus, then you will double your initial deposit.

How do I qualify for the bonus?

The most common steps are

  1. Open an account
  2. Make a deposit
  3. The bonus is automatically added to your account

Other requirements in order to qualify?

Sometimes you have to bet an amount equal to your deposit before you will get the bonus. However, the most common process is that you will get your bonus immediately after you make your deposit

What is the wagering requirement?

It is important to know how you will convert the bonus into withdrawable cash. You will be able to withdraw the money after you complete the wagering requirement. In the Terms and Conditions, it will say how much you have to wager. The wording is often something like “you have to wager the deposit and bonus 3 times”. So, if you deposited €10 to get a €10 bonus you will have to wager 3 X €10 and 3 X €10. In total €60 before you can withdraw your cash.

Any minimum odds requirement?

In the Terms and Conditions it will also say what the minimum odds are for the wagering requirement e.g. odds minimum odds 2,00. That means all bets placed on odds 2,00 or higher will count towards the wagering requirement but bets placed on odds below 2,00 will not count towards the wagering requirement.

How much time do I have to complete the wagering requirement?

This typically ranges from 30 to 90 days

Until when is the offer available?

The offers are normally only available within a certain period.

Is the offer available to residents in the country you live in?

At time it will be stated that a certain offer is only available for residents in specific countries. Make sure to check before depositing.

Forfeiting bonuses

You will forfeit any potential winnings if you make a withdrawal before you have completed the wagering requirement

Cash out

You are almost always not allowed to cash out your bets.

Betting on all outcomes

It is often not allowed to bet on more than one outcome of a game e.g. both the home team and the away team to win.

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